Project 6 Complete

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What do I / we want to create or achieve? Me and Jules want to do a digital photography project, we haven’t decided what we want to do it on though yet, however, I think it would be good for media portfolio. It’d also be a useful skill to have to know how to properly use a DSLR for photography. How am I going to do this? Mr. Chapman has explained to me that the school media department has  a  DSLR I can use for this project, I want to take up this opportunity as I am keen in learning how to use one by playing around with the settings etc. I  might also play around with the images in Photoshop by adding things such as colour correction. What equipment do I need? For this I’m probably only going to need the DSLR and a tripod, unless there is some form of benefit of carrying around multiple lenses if they have any. What technology is to be used? Adobe Photoshop CS6, I’m not sure what else I should need in terms of software or plugins, but seeing how big the feature set in Photoshop is, I shouldn’t have any problems doing adjustments in it. People in this group? Me (Cody Ford,) and Jules Chilcott.

Based on this collection of photgraphy styles and subjects: I have chosen to do a project on computers, specifically their hardware, focusing on things such as chips, mosfets, and the various hardware contained inside computers. I can do this at school, as there are some old computers I can open up to take shots of, the hardware will be dated on the inside, but that can help assist the project in style. P.S: these probably will look nice as wallpapers.

Examples of this type of photography:




1st Attempt – Create your production / piece of work; Discuss what works well and identify areas of improvements?

1st Attempt: IMG_9803 IMG_9805 IMG_9806 IMG_9825 IMG_9826 IMG_9832 IMG_9838 IMG_9841 IMG_9860

As you can see here, these are my first attempts at DLSR photography, not everything in each image is in focus. The camera generally tends to favour the right side of the image, but I still feel this effect kinda looks like a depth of field effect which I enjoy, even if not entirely intentional. I’m going to try and take some more photos next lesson and see if I can see and get a photo with every detail in focus.

Comment on what you have done from a production point of you. For each period you should blog about what you have done.


What worked well and what didn’t?

How did you meet your brief?

What I think worked well is the are the photos of the graphics card, specifically the one with the top-down view, the photo of the ram stick teetering on the power supply, and the photo of the ‘creative audigy’ sound card chip. I think these worked well because they are all in clear focus, even though they might not have that shifting focus effect, which frankly, now that I look back on it probably looks worse, I think they are really nice crisp looking photos, even though its old tech, I don’t think they would look out of place in a product shoot today. All of this being said, despite only playing around with the settings, knobs and lens of the dslr, not looking up any tutorials, or having any prior knowledge, and simply using it as a learning experience to discover on my own, I reckon I did pretty good with this project, hopefully I can do another one of these once I have learned some techniques and styles.

I feel I met my brief well, I set out to do a digital photography project, which then evolved into a  project involving old computer hardware, and I completed it, I say I met the brief well.


a) Complete and insert the two excel project management documents outlining the stages / steps of completion and the time it took to complete it; (Project Management) progresspro5 / projectplanpro5

 Project Management Excel Documents:!ukpyWbIL!XNKdu20z2kWiM1018jPB2Q7was6B8PSf4FXqGe4o7Qw and!S5xzwCjR!U2gv6ObE4-WBdYIs6V7lLQN3l5g_GHyn08hmBvIj5cY

Editing Deadline

Seeing I’ve been slow to edit this project, I’m going to set a deadline for myself to get it edited and completed, I’m aiming to get if finished over the weekend so I’m setting the deadline to Monday the 1st of September

This is pretty much a personal reminder, and hopefully after this I can do a mid project review with Mr Chapman, I’m pretty confident with it so far and I don’t think I’ll have to redo it, so it should all be done by Monday hopefully

Film Done, Time to Edit

As of Thursday the 14th, we have finished filming our project, from this point we have to start editing our video.

We are unsure thus far, if it’ll be easy to edit it at school, as well as on my desktop at home, and transfer the files in between, or if I should just edit it on my desktop or laptop.

I’m thinking it’ll be easier to edit on my desktop, but that leaves we with a lack of things to do during class, and it also depends on how much homework I have to do each night.

Script and Shot List finished as of today

On Friday I finished writing the script and shot list for Project 5, and as of today, my project partner Jules Chilcott has approved of the script, and now all that’s needed is Mr. Chapman’s approval (hence me posting this.)



Rough Treatment/Bullet Point Ideas:

Working on Script/Shot list as of today

I’m using this as guide of how to structure my shot list:

I’m using this as a guide of how to write my script:

I’m using this as a guide to structure my shots/angles: (the links are good for angles) as well as using a booklet on camera shots and angles I received in English that is accurate


I’m essentially using these guides as a refresher on how to write scripts and shot lists properly, with the shot list I’m doing a table style layout, and with the Script, I’m doing to proper font layout with Courier New Size 12, as well as looking at my old script to see how that was properly laid out (as I’ve been taught to in Media anyway)

Murdoch Portfolio Outline, What I need to add to my portfolio

The ECU Website didn’t seem to indicate any specific requirements, so I’ve decided that I’ll construct what I need to do next in my portfolio based on the Murdoch requirements.

Murdoch Portfolio Requirements
Murdoch Portfolio Requirements

I’m still keeping project 5 as my short film project, and I plan to do another video next year, so I’ll have 3 videos to submit to my portfolio at least. The films can’t exceed 15 minutes, I’m assuming they say this so they can look through applicants efficiently.

They ask for 20 creative and artistic photographs to be submitted into the portfolio, so for project 6 I’m going to do a photography project to be submitted.

Although I have examples of film analysis from my 2AB English course, unless they specifically ask for it to be from English, I thought of doing an in-depth analysis on TV show or movie for one of my projects. I’ve always been marked fairly well with my analysis assignments, and I’m very passionate about doing them, so I have the motivation to get them done. One show I think I could analyze is Breaking Bad, as it has lots of symbolism and foreshadowing from the get-go.

2014 – 1AB Media Production and Analysis – Prior 2AB Media Production and Analysis